NEW S10 Mechanical Pool Cleaner

NEW S10 Mechanical Pool Cleaner

Are you in the market for a new pool cleaner? AstralPool have just released one of their latest models of mechanical suction cleaners called the S10. This cleaner provides an exceptional cleaning service which is well suited for most in-ground pools up to 10m x 5m. If you have a concrete, quartzon, tile, fibreglass, pebblecrete or vinyl surface pool, then this pool cleaner will be perfect for you.

The AstralPool S10 mechanical pool cleaner always delivers strong suction power which will also scrub and remove algae and finer particles from the floor to the walls. It comes with dual scrubbers which will deliver a deeper clean that will those finer particles that a stuck-on to your pool surface, plus any fine to medium debris. And the S10 will last! It’s dual scrubbing brushes are easily replaceable when worn.

Caterpillar Tyres

These cool caterpillar tyres are not just for show, they allow the S10 incredible manoeuvrability through your pool, climbing up walls and getting into those tight corners.

360° Rotation

This feature allows this pool cleaner optimal navigation and pool coverage. This ensures that no area is missed, with it’s much wider cleaning path.

What do you get with a S10 Pool Ceaner?

When you purchase the S10 Pool Cleaner, you will also receive:

  • S10 Cleaner Body
  • 10 x 1m Twist & Lock Hoses
  • Ad Flow Valve
  • Flow Valve Regulator
  • 90 Degree Elbow
  • Universal Weir Cuff
  • Quick Start Up Guide

So if you’re looking for an affordable, yet efficient, way to keep your pool clean and clear these summer holidays, then the S10 cleaner is your perfect pool cleaning companion. Just give us a call today on 131 546 and your local Pool Care Expert can supply you with the perfect gift this Christmas, the gift to spend your time enjoying the pool instead of cleaning it!