Pool Cleaner Near Me

When looking for the best pool cleaner near you, you should also keep an eye out for not only a bargain on price, but the best quality service for your pool. As Australian’s, nothing beats a summer holiday spent by the pool, and what best way to enjoy that time than with not only a crystal-clear pool, but also a pool that has the right balance of chemicals. Getting the best chemicals and service for your pool is a great way to keep your family safe through those hot summer holidays.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of a few questions you should ask when deciding who to choose when it comes to pool cleaners near you:

What water testing equipment do they use?

Are they using the best testing equipment that is up to date? This is important as technology is always evolving and getting better, you should be choosing a pool cleaner that keeps up to date with these technologies and therefore gives you only the best results. As an example, we use state of the art electric equipment which gives us accurate results every time. Still using those test strips with the different colours? That’s okay but they are a little outdated and no longer very accurate.

What is included in the service?

A regular service, or even once off pool service, should include not only a pool clean (removing leaves and debris) but also a complete water test. It should also include a basic equipment inspection to see if you have any broken or outdated pool equipment.

Are they full insured?

Does the pool cleaner come with insurance in case anything goes wrong? All of our pool technicians are fully insured to protect from accidents or damage to the property.

Is all work guaranteed?

Does the pool cleaner guarantee customer satisfaction? Sometimes, pool technicians may miss a crucial aspect of their service and may need to come back to fix it. These are usually small things that should not be charged to the customer. At Jim’s Pool Care, we guarantee customer satisfaction and will always return to fix something up if needed.

Have they been fully trained?

Swimming in a pool may seem like a pretty safe activity, but considering the amount of chemicals contained in the pool water, it does not always guarantee safety. Bad chemicals in the water can affect our skin, hair, ears and much more. Be sure to keep yourself and your family safe by only hiring professionals who are fully trained in this area. This way, you can be sure that they know what is best for your specific pool requirements.

Who will do the work? Staff or the owner?

Are you going to be dealing directly with the owner of the business? With Jim’s Pool Care, all of our Franchisees are local business owners so you can be sure you will be dealing directly with the boss. No need to go around staff members and increase the risk of miscommunication, when dealing with Jim’s Pool Care, you’re dealing direct with local business owners.

We hope this list helps you in making the right decision when choosing your next pool cleaner. Make sure you ask these questions before making that decision, that way you can be sure your pool (and your summer fun) is in safe hands!

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