Pool Cleaning Tips for Spring

Where has the year gone? It is Springtime for Pool Owners all over Australia and in many states, we want to be jumping in a pool to relax ASAP. With various restrictions, we are happy to give out Hints and Tips to help you deal with your pool and ensure it is sparkling and clean, ready for swimming!


Our General Manager Brett has put together a short video for us.

Brett Covers the Following Swimming Pool Tips Topics:

  • Test your swimming pool water
  • Clean your sand filter or cartridge filter
  • Empty the Pump and Skimmers Baskets
  • Adjust your pool running Timers
  • Check your Pool Gates close securely.

Testing your water – It is recommended that you have your water tested at a minimum every 4 weeks. If your pool experiences high bather load or you are part of a strata complex it should be tested weekly.

There are a variety of pool sanitisation systems out there now. Most standard saltwater pools will require a chlorine level of 2-3 ppm or in freshwater systems it should be maintained at 0.5ppm as silver and copper play a part allowing enough to destroy bacteria and algae.

Maintaining salt or mineral salt levels is important to allow your system enough to produce the required amount of chlorine. Most salt  and mineral systems will require between 4000-6000ppm whereas some freshwater systems will only require 900ppm. It is recommended to check your manufacturers handbook for the recommended salt levels.

Cleaning your filters – Sand or media filters will require backwashing and rinsing. These cycles should be carried out until the water is clear in the sight glass. Media should also be changed before the season if the sand is more than 5 years old and glass media is more than 10 years old.

Cartridge filters should be changed if 18-24 months old. If they are less than this consider using a filter cleaning agent suitable for cartridge filters such as Lochlor Instant Filter Cleaner and degreaser.


Media changes and cartridge replacements are available from your Local Jim’s Pool Care Pool technician.

Gate safety – We all want to see our family members enjoying the pool during the season. It is recommended that you check your gate latches. They should self-close from any open point of opening. Open your gate all the way and see if it closes, then mid-way and then finally approx 1-2 inch’s open. If it does not self-close it is recommended the hinges and latches be replaced. These are available from your Local Jim’s Pool Care Pool technician.

CPR Signs – CPR signs should be up to date, located within the pool area that is in clear view for everyone to see from any part of the pool area. If your CPR sign is old, faded and brittle it is recommended it be replaced. These are available from your Local Jim’s Pool Care Pool technician.


Spring is the perfect time of year to get everything in order, check your pool equipment for any leaks or problems. Give the pool a good scoop, remove any debris, scrub the walls and empty pool baskets.

* Remember you should also be increasing your swimming pool running time up to 6-8 Hours per day of filtration based on your volume of water. Larger pools should be run longer.


If you need any pool help or pool care advice, give Jim’s Pool Care a call on 131546 to organise a water test and balance or receive a FREE quote today!