Pool Covers Keep Your Pool Warmer

Pool Covers Keep Your Pool Warmer

Is your pool getting too cold to swim in now? Would you like to enjoy it for a bit longer before winter gets here? Well maybe a pool cover is your solution! Pool covers are not only good for keeping leaves and debris out of your pool, but they also help to reduce heat loss.

Did you know that over 90 per cent of a pools heat loss comes from the surface? It is due to a combination of evaporation, convection, and radiation. Most heat loss does occur at the surface of the pool through evaporation. This process is continuously occurring, even during a cloudy day. Evaporation does lower your water level but how does it also remove heat from your pool? Well, as water changes from a liquid to vapor, there is also a transfer of energy and heat. The heat is drawn from the water as it evaporates, therefore, making your pool cooler in the process.

Convection is another way your pool can lose heat. It occurs when the air moves over the surface of the water and removes the heat from the surface. It is just the same as when you blow on a hot drink to cool it down. The colder the breeze is when it blows along the surface of the water, the more heat your pool will lose.

The last way you can lose heat in your pool is through radiation. Radiation heat loss occurs when the air temperature drops and is colder than the water temperature. The heat from your pool radiates out into the air. As an example, it is almost like when steam rises from a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning, except you cannot see it.

Pool Covers are a simple way reduce all these heat loss processes and should be supplied with all new pools. They are also easy to purchase, as they are available at many pool shops. Most types of pool covers are also attached to storage rollers, making it easy to put the cover on or remove it when the pool is being used. It is important to note that a pool cover, or blanket, should be removed at least one day every week throughout the whole year.

There is also the option of getting a solar pool blanket. Not only do they help reduce evaporation like a normal pool cover, but they also keep the water warmer, allowing you to swim longer into the cooler months. Solar pool blankets work by using short wavelength solar energy. This energy easily passes through the blanket. The insulated air pockets in the blanket then retain this energy as heat and help to keep your pool warmer. These blankets are also designed to not waste solar energy on heating itself up or staying warm.

Pool covers and blankets are a great way to reduce heat loss in your pool. They also help to slow down evaporation (therefore saving water), help you to use less chemicals in your pool and, help to keep out leaves and debris. All this means your pool will require less maintenance and be warmer for longer, giving you more time to enjoy it. Our recommended Pool Covers Specialist is Daisy Pool Covers, visit there website here.