POOL PUMP – Low Suction or No Suction

POOL PUMP – Low Suction or No Suction

Customers often contact us worried their pump isn’t working properly or that they have suction issues. Typically pumps either work (at capacity) or stop working all together; occasionally as they get quite old they may not pump as much water as new.

Pool Pump is not working

There are a few things you can check. Firstly, are there any blockages at the skimmer box (e.g., skimmer basket full) or pump basket. Secondly, if your suction cleaner (e.g. Kreepy Krauly) has stopped working is it connected properly or does your filter need backwashing or cartridge need cleaning.

If you have checked all of these things and are still having problems, give our pool technicians a call as there may be a leak in the system letting in air or (worst case) you may have a blockage in your pump.

Do I need a new Pool Pump or can it be fixed?

This is a common question. Without a proper assessment it is hard to tell, but we would say that a pool pump that is around 7-10+ years old may not be worth repairing, especially if rusted out. If you pumps age is less that that it may still be in good condition and can be repaired that will give your pump a few more years of life. We just don’t want customers throwing good money at an old and damaged pump that may have further problems in the near future. That is why it if often best to get it looked at by a professional and we can help arrange that.

If your pool pump is not worth repairing our Jim’s Pool Care team provide a wide range of brands, prices and options for all pool shapes and sizes. This includes the latest energy saving pool pumps that can save customers between $300-$700 per year ion their running costs (depending on how long you run your pump).

Quick tips to check your swimming pool pump

  • Check Skimmer and/or Pump Basket is not blocked
  • Check your pool cleaner is not blocked
  • Check your filters are clean

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