POOL SOLAR: Winter Problems

Even in winter you need to think about your pool solar. OK, you’re not swimming but you still need to maintain the solar pump and rubber solar tubes on your roof, known as the collector.

Most solar controllers will have a winter mode; usually this turns on the solar pump for a few minutes each day to flush out the pipes and collector on the roof.

This is particularly important for the southern states of Australia which might have overnight frost which can cause the water in the solar tubes to freeze. If this happens, the black rubber lining of the tubes can become brittle and shed; when the water returns the pool turns black. This problem is called ‘tea leafing’. If this happens to your pool, the rubber tubes will need to be replaced. And you also have the problem of removing the black particles from the pool.

Don’t be fooled by the few tea leaves in this photo. If your pool suffers from ‘tea leafing’, the result will look 1000 times worse than these few grains.

May we also add that we proudly partner with Sunbather, as their solar pool systems will never ‘tea leaf’. Tea leafing only occurs in cheaper EPDM Rubber Systems, not PVC based systems such as theirs. Visit their website for more details: https://www.sunbather.com.au/

For all of your pool solar problems, call your local expert – Jim’s Pool Care ph. 13 15 46