Pool Supplies

People that have never had a pool before don’t realise just how many pool supplies may be needed. Since there is a pump, you will need various components for it and for other things such as sand filters and cartridge filters. If you use salt water you will need a salt water chlorinator and you will find that a robotic pool cleaner is a handy piece of equipment to help keep the pool clean. You might need ozonators and automatic chlorine dosers.

It is essential to keep leaves and other debris out of the water because they soon start to rot and this changes the PH of the water. So you will need a leaf net to reach the leaves without have to jump in and grab them. If the PH is not kept at the right number your pool water will not be safe and could even go green. But don’t worry because most pool maintenance professionals know how to fix it.

While you can do a certain amount of maintenance yourself if you lead a busy life and only have a certain number of hours to relax, you may not want to use them to look after your pool. In that case it is advisable to have a professional look after everything for you. They can come and test the water on a regular basis and make sure it is safe to swim in. If it is not they can carry out whatever action is needed to fix it.

They can also check that the pump and filters are working properly so your pool is always ready for action. They can also install a pool blanket and rollers and they will come and put your pool to bed for the winter, making sure that the rollers work properly and that the water is all covered over. If you want to have the water heated they will install a solar, gas or electric heat pump.

Pool supplies can also include toys so that your kids can have lots of fun in the pool. They will soon learn to dive or swim underwater if they have toys to retrieve from the bottom, but don’t forget accessories for the grown-ups. You might want a blow up pool lounger, or a lounger for the side of the pool. Balls are also good fun for everyone that enjoys playing in the pool.