Quick Tip From Scott Baulme – Franchisee of the Year

Quick Tip From Scott Baulme – Franchisee of the Year

Scott Baumle
Jim’s Pool Care Noosa
What I have done to Grow my Business
Jims Pool Maintenance Liverpool

Geez, what have I done to grow my business last year? Where do I begin!

  1. Educating myself has been a BIG help. Understanding margins, sales prices, and getting smarter on that side of things.
  2. DON’T miss opportunities! People always need something: new scoop, CPR sign, pressure gauge whatever. As monthly services are the most typical, you only get one shot to get the most (money) from your customer that month. So don’t be lazy and tell yourself “next service”.
  3. Don’t stop advertising! I was so busy last year that I stopped letterbox drops and only did some simple ads. But by year end I wasn’t happy with my overall lead gen. I recently read a great quote: “stopping advertising to save money makes as much sense as stopping a clock to save time”. Don’t stop advertising!
  4. Provide a personal side to your visits. I rarely turn down an offer for a drink of water, tea, whatever. I even get asked to stay for lunch sometimes. I had a customer email me yesterday asking to cancel August service because their bank account was hacked and all their savings were stolen. I reached out and offered to help. I told them I’d still attend for August at no charge and they were extremely grateful. People remember the soul more than the service. So take the time.
  5. Get into property managers/real estates. One good contact can give you 3, 4, 5, 10 pools! It’s hard, but the pay-off is there!
  6. Have goals and write them down!
  7. Celebrate the wins!

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