Save Money and Stop Evaporation – Pool Covers

Save Money and Stop Evaporation – Pool Covers

How can a pool blanket save you money? Well, water evaporation can cost you in the long run, especially on your water bill. Did you know that most pools experience between 3-7mm of water loss each day? That’s 21-49mm a week, and over a few months the numbers can add up quickly. And if your pool is in direct sunlight, the numbers could even be more.

That’s why pool covers can not only save you time in cleaning up all those leaves, but also money. By simply putting a pool cover over your pool, you will stop over 97% of evaporation! That means less money on those water bills, and more time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it.

Not to mention that in winter, pool covers will also heat up your pool by 8*C. They will then retain that heat during the night, acting as an insulator, so that you can swim comfortably in those colder evenings.

Adding a pool cover to your pool is a great investment, and benefits you throughout every season. Our Pool Care Experts can help you choose the right pool cover for your pool, your location and your budget. If you’re interested in doing a bit of research yourself, we recommend Daisy Pool Covers:

So give us a call today and speak to your local Jim’s Pool Care Franchise to get started on those savings today!