Spa Pool Maintenance

Spa Pool Maintenance

Spa Pool Maintenance

If you own a spa pool or hot tub, it is vital to understand that it involves a certain amount of owner maintenance to guarantee it operates properly and that the water remains clean and healthy.

The water treatment requirements for a spa pool are different from those for a swimming pool, because you are dealing with warmer or hot water. Warm water needs different treatment to stop the growth of viruses, bacteria and algae.

The right uses of chemicals will preserve the water in a clean and healthy state. The parameters that need to be frequently checked are, total alkalinity, pH and sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) level.

Your spa or Jacuzzi retailer or local Jim’s Pool Care mobile vans should be able to supply a suitable test kit and advise you on its correct use. It is desirable to test the water on a daily basis.

It is recommended the spa water must be changed every three to four months, or remove and replace around, 30% or 1/3 of the volume of water every three to four weeks.

The total alkalinity should be in between 90- 140ppm (parts per million). A spa or hot tub with low total alkalinity will require regular Alkalinity increaser (buffer) added.

To rise the total alkalinity, add sodium bicarbonate in small amounts. To lower the total alkalinity, add a pH reducer in small amounts. Test in one hour to check water balance.

The pH is the measure of the acid/alkaline level of the water. It’s vital to sustain the correct pH level as it effects the action and effectiveness of other chemicals. The pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. Seven is neutral, below seven is acidic, and above seven is alkaline.

Wrong pH levels can cause poor chlorine or bromine efficiency, eye and skin irritations, corrosion of metal fittings, cloudy water and formation of scale on the pool walls and fittings. The pH should constantly be higher than 7.0 (measured at room temperature, not hot) to avoid possible corrosion of equipment. However, it should not be above 7.8 as this would decrease the efficiency of the sanitiser. Th ideal pH should be between 7.4 – 7.6

If the pH needs to be higher, add soda ash. To lower the pH, add acid. Wait for one hour and test again.

Recommended Levels

Total Alkalinity: 90-120 ppm

Ph: 7.4-7.6

Chlorine: 2-3 ppm

Bromine: 3-4 ppm

Owning a Jacuzzi Spa Pool takes some care and maintenance to ensure it always looks its best and is clean and healthy

Sanitising your spa is necessary for harmless, healthy water and free of micro-organisms. The most popular forms of sanitizer are chlorine and bromine. Ozone or UV treatment could also be used in conjunction with it. Salt water chlorinators must be of satisfactory capacity to maintain the recommended chlorine residual.

The amount of disinfectant needed relies on several factors, including water temperature, the regularity of use and the number of people using the spa. It is necessary to always keep the sanitiser level at 2 to 3 ppm. In very hot water the sanitiser can be used up very quickly, and should be checked frequently while the spa is in use. After heavy use of the spa or on a weekly basis, the water must be shock dosed with chlorine or bromine. Make sure to check the level again before use.

If the spa or hot tub isn’t in use, add sanitiser every day to avoid contamination and shock dose or drain if it becomes cloudy or green.

It is crucial to note that if the right pH and sanitiser level are maintained, viruses and bacteria shouldn’t survive in most cases.

In terms of basic hygiene, it’s essential to keep the filter and pump clean. Clean the filter often and empty hair and lint from the pump as frequently as required. A clean filter and working filter is crucial so plan to purchase a new filter every year or so.

For further information contact your local Spa professional or give Jim’s Pool Care a call and if we have a technician in your area we would love to help.