Spring Hints and Tips

Pool Maintenance in Spring

Looking for Swimming Maintenance Pool Hints and Tips to help get your pool ready for Spring? In this video, Brad goes through five quick things you can do to get your pool ready for those warmer days. Many people put their pools into lock-down over Winter, and this can cause green pools to flourish as soon as the weather gets warmer. With these quick tips, you can prevent this happening to your pool.

In this video, Brad gives the following 5 Tips and walks you through each of them:

1. Remove Pool Covers

2. Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets

3. Give the Pool a Scoop and Brush the Walls

4. Test and Check Chemical Balance

5. Pool Heating? Use a Pool Blanket to Retain the Heat


Don’t forget, Jim’s Pool Care can help with:

· Pool Cleaning

– Pool Maintenance

· Regular Pool Service

· Green Pool Recovery

· Pool Pumps

· Pool Equipment Sales & Repairs

· Pool Heating

· Pool Robots

With regular maintenance your pool will look great and be safe for swimming, but reach out any time if you need a hand. Now is also a good time to have your pool equipment inspection to be sure that everything is still working properly. And if any repairs or replacements are necessary, you can beat the summer rush and get it done before swimming season.

Many of our Pool Care Experts are booked out towards the start and throughout Summer. Give us a call today and organize your pool cleaning services before this time to beat the rush! That way you know that you’re going to be looked after when the swimming season starts, and you need help with your pool. Consider booking in a Regular Pool Service early so you can rest easy.

Don’t let your pool maintenance tasks get you down, because by staying on top of it before the pool turns green or bad, it will ensure your pool is ready to swim. If you feel it is too much, just give one of our Jim’s Pool Care team a call, and if available a local pool technician will be in touch.

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Happy Swimming!