Spring Pool Care Tips Video

Spring Pool Care Tips Video

Spring Pool Care Tips

Where has the year gone? It is Spring time for Pool Owners all over Australia and in many states we want to be jumping in a pool to relax ASAP. With various restrictions, we are happy to give out Hints and Tips to help you deal with your pool and ensure it is sparkling and clean, ready for swimming!

Our General Manager Brett has put together a short video for us.

Brett covers the following swimming pool tips Topics:
  • Test your swimming pool water
  • Clean your sand filter or cartridge filter
  • Empty the Pump and Skimmers Baskets
  • Adjust your pool running Timers
  • Check your Pool Gates close securely.

Spring is the perfect time of year to get everything in order, check your pool equipment for any leaks or problems. Give the pool a good scoop, remove any debris, scrub the walls and empty pool baskets.

* Remember you should also be increasing your swimming pool running time up to 6-8 Hours per day of filtration.

If you need any pool help or pool care advice, give Jim’s Pool Care a call to organise a water test and balance or receive a FREE quote today!