Stay Connected with Blue Connect Pool Monitor

Stay Connected with Blue Connect Pool Monitor

Pool Water Testing every hour of the day

At Jim’s Pool Care, we are always looking for new ways to help our customers get the best quality water available with the latest technologies. Pool care doesn’t just mean cleaning a pool, to us it means keeping our customers informed and giving the best advice for pool care systems. Some of these exciting new technologies bring a level of pool care that the industry has never seen before, such as Astral Pools Blue Connect.

Get Live Pool Data Sent to Your Phone

Blue Connect is a smart pool analyser which floats on the top of your pool. It’s a sophisticated device which actually read your pool temperature, pH Levels, ORP, water conductivity, salt levels and chemicals needed. This information is then available through an app on your phone so you can know all you pool requirements up to date, 24/7. This device is for all pool types, like chlorine or bromine, and is simply placed in your pool and ready to go.

No More Pool Water Testing Worries

This little device is always on and available to you. It continuously measures everything you need to maintain your pools chemical levels, and it measures these key parameters with precise accuracy. These levels are then sent straight back to you and available through the Blue Connect app from wherever you are in the world.

Easy to Set Up

Blue Connect for your pool is very easy to set up and get started, only taking 3 minutes to install into any pool. It can either float in the pool or be fixed in the technical room thanks to the BlueFit50 accessory also available through Astral Pool.

Make taking care of your pool chemical levels an easier task for you or anyone who is looking after you pool. Be informed and be ready, by always having the correct information available with ease that will remove any stress from chemical test and balancing. If you want more information about Blue Connect, contact you local Jim’s Pool Care Technician to find out more today.