The key benefits of pool heating

The key benefits of pool heating

The most obvious benefit of a heated pool, depending on where you live in the country, is that it increases the amount of time throughout the year when you can enjoy your pool. On cooler days a warm pool is able to offer a welcoming alternative to a shivering walk or run! It’s also a great way to socialise with friends, especially those who don’t have access to their own warm swimming pool.

Health and comfort wise, heating your pool means that the water helps to relax and massage your body, rather than almost seeming to fight against it and raise its defences. Generally, warmer water has been shown to release endorphins, those feel good hormones that help you feel that little bit better about life.

A key example of this benefit occurs if you suffer from arthritis, or stiff joints generally. Soreness in your muscles, can be caused by the build up of acids or a reduction in blood supply. Gentle and regular exercise in warmer water can help to loosen the muscles and allow you to carry out a wider range of actions than you otherwise might be able to. It’s a welcoming place to be, and the regular exercise helps reduce stress levels and keep you fit.

A couple of terrific options:

• Solar pool heating uses the sun’s natural energy to add several months to your “swimming season”. A simple digital control helps you to keep the temperature where you want it to be.

• Gas pool heating allows year-round access to your pool. You can heat it up to the temperature you wish, whenever you want. Pool parties need no longer be just a high-summer event!

Your local Jim’s Pool Care expert will be able to offer practical advice and answer any questions about giving yourself that extended or year-round swimming option. Fun for the kids and healthy exercise for you – certainly a win-win situation!