The Top 10 Best Pool Cleaners in Australia: Which One Should You Choose?

Best Pool Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your pool sparkling clean and inviting, having the right pool cleaner can make all the difference. With so many options available in the market, finding the best pool cleaner in Australia can be a daunting task. But don’t worry, as we have done the research for you. In this article, we will explore the top 10 best pool cleaners in Australia, helping you make an informed decision and keep your pool in pristine condition.


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Dolphin E10

The Dolphin E10 is a lightweight, compact robotic pool cleaner that expertly cleans your pool floor. With its quick water release and easy to use top access filter system, you’ll find the E10 is the simple answer to you pool cleaning needs. The Dolphin E10 is the world’s first climate care certified pool cleaner. Reduces 83% energy consumption, save $350 a year, 60-80% water wastage reduction from backwashes and use less chemicals by reduction of backwashing.


Zodiac DUO-X

As one of the leading names in the industry, the Zodiac Duo-X robotic cleaner is a powerhouse when it comes to pool cleaning. Its patented cyclonic suction is powerful and long-lasting. With its new Helix propeller brushes, Duo-X™ sucks up even the smallest debris more effectively, without pushing it out. Its two-layer dual-stage filtration system (150μ/60μ) collects both large and small debris. With Duo-X™, your pool will be perfectly clean all year round. The filter canisters are easy to remove, and debris can be cleaned easily without touching. Its programmable features, user-friendly interface and easy lift system it makes it a popular choice among pool owners in Australia.


Zodiac AX20 ACTIV

The AX20 ACTIV suction pool cleaner comes with cyclonic scrubbing brushes that remove algae and fine particles, as well as hard, stuck-on dirt which other cleaners may leave behind. AX20 ACTIV also features a new track guard, ensuring the cleaner climbs without traction loss and prevents track slipping. The maX-Drive Navigation 360° with dual drive assembly delivers efficient cleaning experience like nothing else.


Zodiac Evolux 5050 IQ

With its Sensor Nav System™, the EVOLUX iQ™ robotic cleaner identifies the configuration of your pool to optimise the cleaning path and cleaning time. The patented cyclone suction guarantees extremely powerful and long-lasting suction. Thanks to the patented Lift System™, EVOLUX iQ™ is lighter when removing it from the water. Control your cleaner anywhere, anytime through the intuitive interface of the iAquaLink™ App. EVOLUX iQ™ is upgradable thanks to possible optimisations and automatic remote updates over the air. New improved models now feature Dual Stage Filtration (150μ/60μ) to capture both small and large debris.


Dolphin X40 Plus

The Maytronics Dolphin X40 Plus is a highly regarded pool cleaner in Australia and is climate certified. Powerful performance for total cleaning and optimised water filtration and powerful mobility for full cleaning coverage. This robotic cleaner can be controlled via the Dolphin Plus app allowing you to always be in control while leaving your pool crystal clear. Its energy-efficient design and low-maintenance operation make it an attractive option for pool owners.


Pentair Rebel

The Pentair Rebel is a robust and durable suction pool cleaner designed to handle various pool surfaces. Its programmed steering technology ensures comprehensive coverage, while the powerful suction picks up debris of all sizes. With its easy-to-use design and high-performance cleaning, it’s a top choice for Australian pool owners.


Dolphin Active X6

The Maytronics Active X6 is a premium Climate Care Certified robotic pool cleaner known for its efficiency and advanced features. Equipped with multi-layer filtration and active brushing, PowerStream mobility system it delivers exceptional cleaning results. The intelligent navigation system ensures efficient coverage, while the tangle-free 18m swivel cable allows hassle-free operation. Wall, floors and waterline cleaning with App connectivity for control and programming. A caddy is included to allow easy storage when not in use.


The Pool Cleaner

The Pool Cleaner has a unique, patented steering system that enables it to clean pools of all shapes and sizes. The left wheel is set to reverse at intervals, turning the unit in different directions so it doesn’t get stuck in the corners. With non-corrosive stainless-steel bearings, minimise friction in wheels, which improves turbine torque, increasing suction power. With its 7-year warranty it gives pools owners that extra piece of mind on its quality and reliability.


Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaner

The Zodiac G2 Suction Cleaner is a popular choice among pool owners for its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s Powerful cleaning action and great manoeuvrability makes it Australia’s favourite pool cleaner. Designed to suit a variety of pool surfaces, the Zodiac G2 will remove most small debris from your pool quickly and efficiently keeping self-maintenance to a minimum. It is an easy-to-install model and an excellent all-around pool cleaner. Its Ad Flow valve regulates water flow, ensuring optimal cleaning performance while minimising energy consumption.

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Jim's Pool Care Robot

Jim’s Pool Care Robotic Cleaner

Last but not least, we have the Maytronics DB2 Jim’s Pool Care Robotic Cleaner an excellent option for Australian pool owners. Combining advanced technology with ease of use, this robotic cleaner efficiently cleans your pool, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With its dual filtration system and anti-tangling gable it makes cleaning a breeze. As part of the Jim’s Group of Companies, we offer exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a fast response, making us a trusted choice for homeowners with pools across Australia.

When it comes to finding the best pool cleaner in Australia, the options can be overwhelming. However, by considering the top 10 pool cleaners mentioned above, you can narrow down your choices and make an informed decision based on your specific needs. Whether you opt for the entry level Dolphin E10, Zodiac Duo-X, Zodiac AX20 ACTIV, or any other cleaner on the list, investing in a high-quality pool cleaner will save you time and effort while keeping your pool in top-notch condition.

Remember to explore the features, capabilities, and customer reviews of each cleaner before making your final choice. In line with exploration, don’t forget about Jim’s Pool Care and our range of pool cleaning services, including pool maintenance, pool and equipment servicing, equipment sales and installation, robotic cleaners, and green pool recovery. To learn more about our different offers, book now and enquire about our customer-oriented, professional service with a fast response, provided by local and owner-operated technicians. You can also schedule a call to discuss your pool cleaning needs.

With the right pool cleaner, you’ll be able to enjoy a sparkling clean pool all year round.



What is the best pool cleaner in Australia?
The best pool cleaner in Australia depends on your specific needs. However, some popular options include the Zodiac Duo-X, Zodiac AX20 Activ, and Zodiac Evolux 5050 IQ. Explore our comprehensive list of the top 10 pool cleaners in Australia to find the perfect one for you.

How do robotic pool cleaners work?
Robotic pool cleaners use advanced technology to navigate your pool and clean it efficiently. They have built-in motors and onboard filtration systems, eliminating the need for manual intervention and freeing up the skimmer basket avoiding loss of suction and circulation. Simply plug the cleaner in, place it in the pool, let it do its job, and enjoy a sparkling clean pool with minimal effort.

Are pool robotic cleaners worth the investment?
Yes, pool robotic cleaners are a worthwhile investment. They offer thorough cleaning, superior efficiency, and time-saving convenience. With their advanced features and intelligent navigation, they can efficiently clean your pool, ensuring a pristine swimming environment while minimising your maintenance efforts.

How often should I clean my pool?
Regular pool cleaning is crucial to maintain optimal water quality. It is recommended to clean your pool at least once a week to remove debris, scrub the surfaces, and maintain proper chemical balance. However, the frequency may vary depending on factors like usage, weather conditions, and the presence of trees or foliage near the pool.

Can I use a pool clener for an above-ground pool?
Yes, you can use a pool cleaner for an above-ground pool. Many pool cleaners, including robotic and suction-side cleaners, are designed to work effectively on both in-ground and above-ground pools. Just ensure that the cleaner you choose is compatible with your specific pool type.

How can I prolong the lifespan of my pool cleaner?
The best pool cleaner in Australia depends on your specific needs. However, some popular options include the Zodiac Duo-X, Zodiac AX20 Activ, and Zodiac Evolux 5050 IQ. Explore our comprehensive list of the top 10 pool cleaners in Australia to find the perfect one for you.

What is the best pool cleaner in Australia?

To extend the lifespan of your pool cleaner, follow these tips:

  1. Clean and rinse the cleaner after each use.
  2. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  3. Regularly inspect and clean the filter to maintain optimal performance.
  4. Avoid using the cleaner in extremely dirty water or large debris.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Can I leave my pool cleaner in the pool all the time?
It is not recommended to leave your pool cleaner in the pool all the time. While some cleaners are designed for continuous use, prolonged exposure to pool chemicals and water can potentially shorten the lifespan of the cleaner and create some discolouring. It is best to remove the cleaner from the pool when not in use and follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding storage.

What other pool maintenance services does Jim’s Pool Care offer?
In addition to pool cleaning, Jim’s Pool Care offers a comprehensive range of pool maintenance services, including pool servicing, equipment installation and repair, pool pump maintenance, green pool recovery, and more. Visit our website to learn more about the full range of services we provide.

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