Top 5 Fun Games to Play in the Swimming Pool

Top 5 Fun Games to Play in the Swimming Pool

The warmer days are certainly here and with them, brings fun days in pool with family and friends! Getting the kids out playing in the swimming pool is the most cost-effective way to keep everyone entertained for hours, especially if you know some fun games they can play. So here are 5 ways you can keep the kids exercising outside for longer and having more fun:

1. The Mirror Game

Just as it sounds, this game is all about mirroring! Pick a partner and stand opposite each other. One person performs an action, from pulling silly faces to swimming a certain crazy way, and the other partner must copy it. To win this game, you need to find something you can do that your partner can’t pull off as well. Every couple of minutes you must swap also, to give everyone an equal chance of winning!

2. Balance on Floats

It is important to always do this one safely, by ensuring that any floats are well away from the edges of the pool, to ensure no one hurts themselves. To play this game, all you need is some kind of floating device, whether that’s a tubular float or a flat one. Who ever can stay on the float the longest without falling off, wins!

3. Throw and Collect

This game can be played with any small items that drop straight to the bottom of the pool, the most common items are small coins. The coins are tossed into the pool and scattered around the bottom, perhaps even in a few hiding places like on the top of the stairs in the pool. One person scatters and hides them, and everyone else has to go find and collect them. The person with the most items found, wins!

4. Marco Polo

This one is a classic and most people already know the rules. But just as a reminder, this game can be played with just two people or in groups. One player is ‘in’, and they must spin around a few times with their eyes closed and must keep them closed until the game is finished. This player shouts ‘Marco’ and everyone else playing has to reply ‘Polo’. The player who is ‘in’ must then tag another player to swap over and win the round. If you think someone might be outside the pool, you can say ‘fish out of water’, and the person outside the pool losses and is now ‘in’.

5. Racing

And last but not least, you can play a classic race from one side of the pool to the other. You can mix it up each race by choosing which style of swimming to do for that round. One round you can do free style and the next round you can do underwater swimming (staying safe of course).

(You can even include the dog in on a few fun pool games!)

The great thing about all these games is that no equipment is required, even the throw and collect game can be played with small rocks which you can find around the backyard. However, if you want to have even more fun this spring/summer, you can purchase some fun pool toys and really extend those hours exercising in the sun.

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