Winter Pool Cleaning Tips Prevent a Green Pool

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Winter Pool Cleaning Tips Prevent a Green Pool

As the winter approaches we use our pools less, particularly in the southern states. However, that doesn’t mean you should shut your swimming pool down completely and let it ‘go green’. Pool Cleaning Jim’s Pool Care professionals strongly recommend that pool owners don’t turn their pool systems ‘off’ for winter. It is a false economy to do this as you will have to spend hundreds of dollars in chemicals and labour to get it back to sparkling next season.

Winter pool care tips

• Test your water and know where your chemical levels are at and balance as required.
• As water cools chlorine demand can slow which means you can reduce your chlorine usage.
• You can also reduce your system running times if you are no longer swimming to ensure the pool water still turns-over every day
• Add an algaecide that will last a few months through winter
• If you do put a pool cover on for winter ensure you regularly check chlorine levels as high chlorine can destroy a pool cover

SPECIAL: Jim’s Pool Care are offering a winterising service package starting from $99 in most states, excluding balancing chemicals.
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