Pool Pump Experiencing Low or No Suction?

Pool Pump Experiencing Low Suction or No Suction?

There are a couple of things to consider before discussing a pool pump experiencing suction our flow issues issues. The first question is whether the pool pump is not turning on or is turning off while running. The other option is that it is turning on okay but has low water flow. It could be mechanical or just a flow issue with your baskets being full.

Let’s consider the first of these options:

Pool Pump Not Turning On

If your pool pump is not turning on at all, or turns off quickly once it’s gotten started, then it’s most likely an electrical problem. Have a look at the breaker box and check for any blown fuses. If everything is okay there, check the connections for damage or loose cables. It could also be your pump capacitor. If you are ever unsure about safe procedures, you should always call your local pool technician or a qualified electrician.

Low Or No Suction from your Pool Pump?

Customers sometimes call us concerned that their pool pump is malfunctioning or having low/no suction problems. Often it can be s simple check of your skimmer basket or pump basket, that may be full of debris (or a complete blockage). Also worth checking and lubricating your pool pump gaskets and o-rings.

Pool Pumps can stop operating altogether as they age, they may not operate as efficiently as they did when they were new also. It may be time to consider replacing your old pool pump, as repairing may not be cost beneficial. Check our range of new pool pumps including Energy Saving Pumps here for great deals.

In the above video, Brad explains the 3 steps you should do to find out why your pool pump is having suction issues:

  • Check your skimmer basket, empty if necessary.
  • Check your pump basket, empty if necessary.
  • Open up the pump and check any blockages in the impala. (If you are unsure about this step, please contact your local Jim’s Pool Care Expert).


Basically, you can check a few things out. First, check to see if there are any obstructions at the pump basket or skimmer box (such as a full skimmer basket). Second, check to see whether your suction cleaner is correctly attached and whether your filter or cartridge need cleaning if your suction cleaner (such as the Kreepy Krauly) has ceased operating.

Give our pool professionals a call if you’ve done all of this and are still experiencing issues as there might be an air leak in the system or, in the worst case scenario, a clog in your pool pump.

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