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Twin Towns Swimming Pool Owners Go to Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads

If You Want Local Knowledge and the Best Pool Care in Tweed Heads – Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads are the Local Experts

Maybe your pool is in need of attention, or maybe you just want to know you have local Tweed Heads pool experts looking after your pool on a regular basis. Whatever your pool needs are, Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads is at the ready to help you with everything from inflatable pool toys to repairing that ailing pool pump.

When You Need Pool Cleaning Fast in Tweed Heads, Make Sure You Call in the Locals for Guaranteed Clean Pool Results.

Jim’s Pool Care is located right in Tweed Heads so that we can offer locals the best pool service around, quickly and without hassles – right there in your Tweed Heads home. Just contact Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads and your pool care expert will be there in a flash. Whether your pool is turning a brighter shade of green, whether it is cloudy or just needs to be revitalised, your local Tweed Heads pool technician at Jim’s Pool Care will take care of everything for you.

Jim’s Tweed Heads Pool Service Comes Right to Your Door.

One of the other great things about Jim’s Pool Care Tweed Heads is that everything comes to you – the pool cleaning service, the products, the water testing – the lot. No more traipsing around to the pool shop with your water sample, we will electronically test your swimming pool water on site and then treat it with the correct balance of chemicals to have your pool looking sparkling clean.

When your pool needs attention in Tweed Heads – call in your local experts at Jim’s Pool Care – we’ll also bring a great range of pool products and accessories right to your door. Call now.