2023 Franchisor of the Year – National Awards Interview with Jason Pollack

A huge congratulations to Jason Pollack of Jim’s Pool Care Central Coast for winning the 2023 Franchisor of the Year Award and 2023 Franchisor Growth Award winner! Jason has had a busy year this year and we look forward to seeing his growth which is sure to continue.

We asked Jason how he felt about winning the Franchisor of the Year award for the third time, after only just a few years of looking after his region’s Franchisees:

‘As the years pass, I continue to feel proud of my team of franchisees that go above and beyond for their customers. We seriously have some of the greatest owner operated franchisee technicians in the pool industry based on their reviews and their passion for customer service and getting the job done right the first time. I Currently have 15 Owner operated franchisees across my region including myself and every single one of them make me proud to be a part of their team. Leadership does not come without its struggles but the positives always outweigh the negatives. I continue to be proud and honoured to be part of Jim’s Pool Care as we continue to improve not only growth but training, support and development for our Franchisees.’

At the moment, Jim’s Pool Care has twelve franchisors, each of them oversees a region of Australia and has a hierarchy of independent franchisees below them that they look after. It is the responsibility of franchisors to identify new franchisees, assist and coach them during the training programme, assist them in finding work, and offer them helpful business advise and meetings ongoing which increases the chances of success.

Based on our observations, the most prosperous franchisors are those who possess strong business management and people abilities in addition to actual industry understanding of pool

maintenance and pool equipment solutions. In the end, they welcome the challenge of assisting their Franchisees in achieving their individual objectives. In many ways, a franchisor acts as a guide and supporter for their franchisees, collaborating with regional suppliers and industry leaders to ensure they have all they require for success.

Jim’s Pool Care General Manger, Brett Blair told us “I am very happy to see Jason win this award again. He is a great benchmark for our business and franchisor team on how to be continually putting effort into improving all aspects of his region. This includes training, support and marketing with the reward being consistent growth over the last 3 years. He is an excellent leader in the group and provides ongoing support and feedback to head office and the system in general in an effort to ensure continuous improvement”.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a Franchisor, you can visit our website and the Master Franchisor page.