Salt Water Pool Chlorinator

FREE Onsite Quote On Your Existing Salt Water Chlorinator

At Jim’s Pool Care we will take the time to explain the benefits of the various Salt Water Chlorinators on the market. There are self cleaning and mono polarity chlorinators and we now have a new range of chlorinators that include a pH dosing system to keep your pool in balance.

Remember that we come to you to make it easy. We have access to the full range of replacement chlorinator cells at great prices and can also balance your pool while we are there.

We can provide you equipment based on your budget and price or we can tell you about the best we have with the best warranties in the market (up to 5 Years onsite) so give us a call today.

Wanting To Get Your Salt Water Pool Chlorinator Installed?

Jim’s Pool Care are able to not just supply your chlorinator, but we can professionally install and maintain it for you as well.